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A certain Netizen did not antagonize the situation and said, “It’s only natural for a young man and woman to like the opposite sex.” Another Netizen explained that the gesture was just a form of encouragement between a senior and junior.

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After TVXQ was placed on hiatus he became a member of JYJ, which made its global debut in October 2010.

Xiah was born and raised in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

On April 14, 2010, Bigeast (Tong Vfang Xien Qi's official fanclub in Japan) announced the creation of a new unit with the members JEJUNG, YUCHUN and JUNSU.

According the announcement, the three members signed a new contract with avex which allow them to start their activities as JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN, the new unit name.

In 2007, he formed part of the Samsung's Anycall project, Anyband, and released one single with the band, "Anyband".

In January 2010, Xiah started his stage career as the lead actor for the musical Mozart! Following the path of his group-mates, in March it was announced his debut as solo artist with the release of a double A-side single in May 26.

The persons in question are TVXQ’s Xiah (22) and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (20), who are being rumored to be an item because of video captures of them holding hands after TVXQ and Girls’ Generation’s joint performance in the recently concluded “2008 Korean Music Festival” that was held in Los Angeles. One said that she felt betrayed and another was in disbelief that the two held hands in front of fans.Possibly because of his long 6 year training, he is very empathetic and thinks a lot about people’s feelings. One of his dreams in life is to have his writing published into a book. Xiah wanted to be a soccer player but after seeing H. T perform the song Candy on TV, his new dream was to sing on stage.One of his motivations in his singing career is the unachieved dream of his mother, who once dreamed of being a star. A year after, Xiah’s best friend Hyukjae also made it into SM.Xiah has appeared on two televised shows with TVXQ, Banjun Theater and Vacation. On the other hand, he makes a 180 degree change on stage and performs with great charisma.

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