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"Once in a blue moon the gaming clouds open and down floats something like Aaero." 9.5/10 - Forbes "A reason to believe in rhythm games again!" 9/10 - Cog Connected "A unique gaming experience." 9.5/10 - Gaming Cypher "This could well end up being my game of the year." 92% - The Hidden Levels “It’s ridiculous amounts of fun!Leaderboard motivates you to do "just one more" run. "Easy to play but hard to master." Aaero takes the rhythmic gameplay of Guitar Hero and applies a stylistic interpretation to its licensed soundtrack.At its core, its a fairly simplistic form of gameplay; use one stick to fly, another to aim, and button/trigger to shoot.

Its steady list of song specific levels with various levels of difficulty provide a solid experience that most gamers can enjoy.If I ever see DLC for it, it’ll be a snap purchase!Two years ago today, Microsoft sent an email to indie developers to announce Xbox Live Indie Games would be shut down.My one critique of this game is its inability to allow a player to focus more on the music rather than the game.The level of difficulty isnt overwhelming but its high enough to distract or deter a more casual gamer, who just wants to go for ride. Its "easy to play but hard to master" mentality was refreshing.

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