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Or in the second half, when Le Garrette Blount stomped all over the Rams’ supposedly tough defense. It comes with a side of another subpar Rams season.

Looking forward: Fisher really didn't want another 7-9 season on his hands.

That ruined any momentum Colin Kaepernick had built over his last two arrow-up starts.

Instead, Kaepernick was yanked in favor of former starter-turned-clipboard holder Blaine Gabbert.

It looks like he'll clinch one early with the Falcons in town.

Current record: 3-9Last week: 29 ( 2)There’s been a revolving door at quarterback.

Grandfather in the Corrente generation for a few more seasons—the guys who call games on a part-time basis before heading back to their law firms or businesses.

That means the Bears had more sacks than the 49ers had completions (five). Looking forward: Chicago can be one hell of a down-the-stretch spoiler team. Cincinnati was the latest team to expose that flaw.This game requires its officials to be in the right physical position to make the correct mental interpretation. Current record: 0-12Last week: 32 (same)I can't drop the Browns any lower than the last stop in these rankings. Looking forward: The good news: For the first time since the Johnny Manziel era, the Browns didn’t lose a football game. It’ll try to get in the win column with a home game against the Bengals. Current record: 1-11Last week: 31 (same)Did Chip Kelly forget to pack his winter coat this week?It felt like the Niners offense wasn’t ready for a snowstorm in Chicago.A few of them have called games since my dad played quarterback.Another is heading into his third decade of officiating.

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