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He has already tweeted in Twitter more than 30 thousand times and this proves his involvement in the site.

He has added more than 800 pictures and videos in Twitter.

“Step by step, hand in hand, you & me, lock & key,” he captioned a series of photos.

“#IAint No Fool #She Said Yes #041417 #It Was AREALLYGood Friday #Forever Grateful #We Gon Rent The Moon And Fill It With Rosé #ILove You Jaz #❤️🔐❤️.”Step by step, hand in hand, you & me, lock & key.

Despite hitting the ‘After Midnight’ red carpet with his hand positioned on her booty, he jokes that they’re just friends: Here’s what happened, here. Next thing I know, the next day, ‘A New Couple’ or something like that.

As he has been such a wonderful actor, there is no doubt that information and details on him and his amazing biography can be grabbed from popular wiki sites such as Wikipedia and IMDb.His roles have always been perfect and this makes his so successful today.actress Jazmyn Simon have been all over Hollywood looking happy and ready for the next step. Over the weekend, the newly engaged couple enjoyed a date night at the theater to see their good friend Deborah Cox star in Dulé and Deborah enjoyed a full circle moment as they celebrated the show backstage with the cast and reminisced on their days living in the same apartment complex and embraced that they now have successful careers and new life chapters. My roomie...kinda 😉❤️🙏🏾 #Studio City #Bluffside Drive #Repost @deborahcox ・・・ Tonight THE homie, incredible actor, dancer incredible performer... Roots & Ting, Inspiration & Ting...that's you @deborahcox!

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He also appeared on comedy-drama Psych as Burton “Gus” Guster.

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