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Sissy Spacek starred as an often overlooked and mistreated teen with special powers who takes her revenge on those who harmed her.Often compared to the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, De Palma has helmed numerous thrillers, such as (1983).She meets Louis every few weeks either there or in LA, where she also has a small place - as well as homes in Miami, France, Italy and London.I told you she was successful: this is a woman who managed to sell more records than even Elton John or the Rolling Stones when she became America's highest-selling British artist in 2000.While a lot of publicity surrounded its release in 2006, the film received mixed reviews and had fair ticket sales.Married and divorced three times, De Palma’s first wife was actress Nancy Allen.

Black leather is the last thing you would associate with Sarah Brightman, but here she is in my New York hotel room in her sexy Dolce & Gabbana jacket, jeans and the thick-soled biker boots in which she often marches around Manhattan instead of being driven around like a diva.

When he was 19, he dreamed of buying, renovating, and selling properties.

Without independent financial means, he gathered investment from friends and bought his first fixer-upper and successfully flipped his first property.

Al Pacino stars as a Cuban who immigrates to Miami in the 1980s and becomes the leader of a drug cartel.

Audiences were riveted by the rise and fall of Pacino’s character as well as the film’s graphic depiction of violence and drug use..

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Released in 1987, the film starred Kevin Costner as federal agent Eliot Ness who wants to take down Al Capone, the crime kingpin of Chicago, played by Robert De Niro.

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