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And these are just three of the different approaches celebs have taken to sharing photos of their kids with a larger audience.

But the famous do not owe their public (no matter how much fans might have shipped Mila and Ashton on Actors, artists, athletes, royals, etc.

Tyra, meanwhile, kept the very fact that she was expecting via surrogate a complete secret until York was born in January 2016, and the first pic she shared of him that Valentine's Day was taken from the side, so his full face wasn't visible.

Zoe Saldana went that route with her twins, regularly posting pics but at first only of their adorable little hands, the backs of their heads, etc.

Last year the mother of two offered up a knowing photo of her younger child, Delta—a far-away shot of a small silhouette in the ocean that's mostly Shepard.

Bell explained that, while she and Shephard have chosen (or at least accepted) a public life because they're actors, daughters Lincoln and Delta have not.

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