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The tutorial also discusses adding custom validators, which you may find useful if you need validation outside the provided MVC data annotations.I would recommend validation messages and checks, to provide feedback for your user as they enter information.But, server-side validation is more critical and unavoidable. NET Boilerplate also checks if input is null and throws Abp Validation Exception if so.Server side validation is generally implemented in application services or controllers (in general, all services get data from presentation layer). See Task application service implementation: As you see, no validation code is written since ASP. So, you don't have to write null-check code (guard clause). Ioc Resolver to resolve dependencies if needed in validation progress. In addition to ICustom Validate, ABP also supports . You can also implement it to perform additional custom validations.To prevent it from sending blank emails, add the following to your controller: The Model State will be valid only if the incoming data is not null, which will prevent the rest of the code from being reached (and sending the email).There's a tutorial here on Model State that's worth reading.Tweet Form validation is an important element in every web site.

What makes the above snippet incredibly flexible is the fact that we can insert specific validation checks on every single field, giving us a wider customization.

For greater control over what it does during the error process for errors inside the MVC system (not the Html errors), you can override the MVC method On Exception, but it will considerably complicate your coding process. My advice to you on that issue, however, would be to take advantage of the Elmah package instead of trying to write that yourself.

Inputs of an application should be validated first.

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This input can be sent by user or another application.

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