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However, because the vulnerability is said to affect High Sierra Updating will also get you the latest security fixes (the Keychain exploit above notwithstanding).That said, my standard recommendation is to wait at least a month before updating and let the early birds find the most glaring problems and glitches, which are generally handled by followup point upgrades.On the other hand, that means no sea-changes to your existing workflows, and some nice quality-of-experience enhancements if you're a big user of those applications.Performance is virtually identical, at least on an up-to-date Mac Book Pro (13-inch).And it will happily tell you that the book you just laid out will cost 0.The latest version of Safari has some really nice features, implemented in a way I wish other browsers would -- you can set default zoom levels on a per-site basis and quickly get to those per-site settings right from the main menu, for example, and the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (which expires third-party cookies used to track you across the web after 24 hours) is an easy way to take a basic step toward more privacy.

Apple claims it's also faster, and it might be when measured in milliseconds, but in practice I really don't notice much of a difference bouncing back between that and Chrome. Updates to Safari and i Tunes hit the Mac earlier this month as separate downloads.Now that they're free, operating system updates are often just as much about fixing the underlying plumbing of a device as they are about adding new and notable features.That's largely the case with Mac OS 10.13, otherwise known as High Sierra.HDD-supporting AFS is definitely coming, but we don't know when.But it means the systems which need the performance boost the most don't get it yet.

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But flicking properly doesn't feel a lot faster or easier than just pressing and sliding.

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