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A recent change to add the new "--set-upstream-to" option to "branch" command does not have any platform-specific bits, and for the purpose of the "port to Tandem" topic, keeping up to date with such a change in my tree is pointless, for example.

To make sure that the result is still usable with recent releases, you can create a throw-away merge between your work (that is forked from a stable base) and my tip every once in a while, test the result, and discard the throw-away merge when you are done.

Find the instructions for Debian / Ubuntu here and the instructions for Cent OS here.

If you are not comfortable installing the repository through a piped script, you can find the entire script here.

This does not affect Debian-based systems (Debian, Ubuntu).A commit is an object that contain pointers to its parents. For ordinary commits, there is one parent which is the commit on top of which it was created.For merge commits, there are N commits, the first is the one on top of which the merge was created, and the N-1 next ones are the commits being merged.Work on master unless you have a good reason not to.Longer answer: the pu branch in is often re-written, hence the commit on which you started hacking once existed in git.git's pu, but it probably no longer is. There are some changes in pu, that I need as the basis, namely my setitimer patch and my 2nd mkdir patch, which haven't yet made it into the master branch (and in the setitimer case not out of pu) --rebase") as usual. git pull --rebase HEAD~42 So far I create patches, wiped out the entire repository, cloned, forked and applied the changes, pretty painful.

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