Updating drivetrain on a mountain bike

Option 2: Replace your front crank to a dedicated 1BY crank and modify your 10 speed cassette.There are a few new 1BY cranks hitting the market designed for optimal performance with large range rear cassettes.By converting your bike over to 11 speed (with a XD freehub body) your rear cassette can now start at a 10T, giving you the largest rear cassette on the market today (10-42T).By having a larger cluster in the back, you get more options when paired with a single front chainring. In order to convert, you need to purchase a new crank, cassette, chain, derailleur, and shifter along with a new XD freehub body or rear wheel (if your current rear hub is not convertible to XD).

If you want the best-of-the-best for your bike, then converting your complete drivetrain over to 1BY is the way to go.XX1 caters to the elite rider with optimal weight saving and stiffness, while the X01 and X1 options provide the same ride characteristics in more affordable packages.All your donations are fully tax-deductible, plus you get the satisfaction of supporting our training program for disconnected youth, recycling a bike, and helping your neighbors leave their cars at home.How to convert your mountain bike to a 1BY drivetrain Between SRAM’s groupsets, direct mount cranks, and extended range cogs, there are plenty of options to convert your bike to a 1BY mountain machine In 2013, SRAM shook up the MTB component scene when XX1 hit the market.Rather than the latest-and-greatest drivetrain getting more complicated, they ditched the front derailleur all-together in favor of the simplicity of a single-ring setup.

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