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It runs at 8MHz and a 5v version at 16MHz, but 8MHz is enough.

Overall, all you need to prepare are Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v and USB to UART module.

This text explains about modules, blueprints, how to install and use the Arduino and the Android source codes step by step. This guide shows most easy way to make Retro Watch!!

Release note Updated (20) : Retro Watch supports u8glib. https://youtu.be/01Ld2wz YHKo Retro Watch is a simple system that is used a hardware platform called Arduino, which is intended for artists, designers, and hobbyst, and an Android app. Imagine a very small computer that you can wear on your wrist.

I recommend the battery with protection circuit(overcharging, over-discharging safe), and it’s better if it has a removable socket.You need to put ( ) line to RAW pin in case you use any sort of external power supply, such as an external battery, on Arduino Pro mini board.Otherwise, it can damage the board.# USB to UART module - You can download Retro Watch Arduino source on the source tab on the Git Hub.Korean user Wonho made this based on Adafruit_SSD1306 driver.https://github.com/wonho-maker/Adafruit_SH1106In this case you must modify codes like below. If you wish to use various display, use u8glib instead.

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