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I, who ran to the store to buy A-ha's first record the day it was released (june 1st 1985 aparently and one of the first 10 albums I bought with my own money, and one of the best) thought it was a fun idea.Then Martin and I wrote another song, it is the first song in that clip.They wrote the songs together and the band that formed in 1982 went on to become one of the truly iconic British acts of the 80s.Hit albums such as the self-titled The Smiths in 1984, Meat is Murder in 1985, The Queen is Dead in 1986 and finally Strangeways - Here We Come in 1987 became albums that helped define the era.He wanted to do "Dom Andra" as well, but he didn't, I think because of the time schedule and the trouble in writing a english lyric that matches the original.He loved those songs and wanted to try to do english versions.With Music and Lyrics by Ray Davies (Olivier nominee for Outstanding Achievement in Music), a new Book by Joe Penhall and Direction by Edward Hall, Sunny Afternoon depicts the rise to stardom of The Kinks.Set against the back-drop of a Britain caught mid-swing between the conservative 50s and riotous 60s, this production explores the euphoric highs and agonising lows of one of Britain’s most iconic bands and the irresistible music that influenced generations.

He also made a special one-off appearance playing with Oasis in 2001, as well as working with them on some album tracks in the studio. Together they have recorded a number of tracks to raise money for Oxfam.

The Kinks exploded onto the 60s music scene with a raw, energetic new sound that rocked a nation.

But how did that happen, where exactly did they come from and what happened next?

It will be located in Citytuhuset and will be open until August 31.

Opening hours will be week days 10.00-19.00, Saturdays 10.00-16.00, Sundays 12.00-16.00. As you read before Jocke and Martin has written songs for former A-ha member Morten Harket's new album.

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