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On the Selected Index Changed event of your Combo Box, you can get the sort column, and change the . Sort property of your Data View to update the sorting. The Data Grid View in question is bound via a binding source to a datatable in a dataset which gets its data from an SQL Database Table. The displayed data i.e., 'Employee Names' are in no meaningful sequence. As per your suggestion -1) How could I use a Data View to incorporate the 'Employee Name' when it is not part of the underlying datatable upon which the dataview would be made and2) This Datagridview allows the user to Update, Add and delete Data, if a Data View can resolve the sort on display value requirement then will it also allow for Updating Adding and Deleting Data in the Data Grid View? Can anyone advise if this is possible and how this can be achieved. Regards Kieran One similar application I have comes to mind.

This seems like a fairly standard requirement for many applications.

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What I need to achieve is to have the column sorted on the column displayed value rather than the column value.

The Data Set was architected with a disconnected design, in part to facilitate the convenient transport of data over the Internet.

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The column uses a Combo Box that references a lookup table to get the 'Display value', it is this Display Value I need the user to be able to sort the datagrid on.

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