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Out on the balcony that overlooks the obligatory LA pool, a colossal cheese plant is left to survive in a giant pot of dust.Below, puddles of clear blue water, that look as though they were spat from the pool, partly drown the terrace.There will be a Fine Food Fair where you can taste the mouth-watering array of foods and drink, entertainment from choirs, dancers and street entertainers and even Father Christmas will be going.

The Broken EP is an essay in homicidal rage and self destruction, created by Reznor and producer Flood in a place near Lake Geneva that resembled the deserted hotel in The Shining. Today, Reznor--mild mannered, shy and nervous--is embarking on the next step of Nine Inch Nail's erratic career.Trent was furious and wanted out but the label refused--NIN were the only money spinners they had.So Trent refused to record any more product, but continued to tour and was duly accused by the critics of milking Pretty Hate Machine dry.And who could be living here, in this grandiose mini-mansion turned repository for random cultural junk?"Be careful," warns a muffled voice from down stairs. It'll seem real friendly then it'll just go mad." Welcome to Chateau Reznor.

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