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Users could give each selection a thumbs up or down, “training” the service to cater to their preferences.You can see elements of that process in everything from Amazon’s “New For You” product recommendations, to Apple’s “For You” i Tunes content curation tab.

An early effort to bring order to the chaos of the Internet, Yahoo served as a sort of Yellow Pages for the web, with human editors selecting links to news stories and other sites.Open platforms invite controversy by their nature, giving voice to groups who want to challenge cultural or legal principles.Sites like Napster kickstarted illicit music-sharing in the early 2000s, but The Pirate Bay, launched by a trio of Swedes in 2003, exemplifies the anti-copyright argument that “information wants to be free.” The site indexes content hosted by others, providing links that its users can use to download movies, music, books and more — often in flagrant violation of information-sharing laws.Though hounded across the globe by lawsuits, domain seizures and criminal investigations, the site somehow persists and remains a flashpoint for debate over the virtues and perils of peer-to-peer file sharing.Created by “father of the web” Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 at the CERN research center in Switzerland, ch isn’t much to look at today.

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