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That alone can make you feel unsafe — add groups of men lurking around, possibly staring at you, and tuk tuk drivers driving through dark alleys, and it can be hard not to imagine gruesome things ahead.It is always best to travel with at least one companion, but if you are by yourself, remember that whatever feels unsafe, such as walking in dark alleys, being excessively intoxicated, and so on, is wise to avoid.In Sri Lanka it will not ensure that men back off in their advances, but it will lessen the quota of men trying.

The kind of precautions to be taken varies depending on which part of the island you plan to visit.They are known to be pushy in an aggressive way and don’t have or use meters.No matter how tired you are, call a company tuk tuk to come pick you up, because it will save you a lot of trouble.Alternately, you could even call for a tuk tuk via Fair Taxi, Budget Taxi or Online Cabs.Most Sri Lankan women prefer to take a Mini or a car after dark, but a tuk tuk attached to a well-known company is fine as well.

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