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Leave yourself plenty of time to get to your appointment.He did some things right, but also made some mistakes.Despite their struggles, the Nats would make the playoffs, getting swept by the Anderson Duffey Packers in 3 straight games.

Arguello was also afraid that Gardner would put his partner, Shauna Noland, into the bottom 3 couples and in danger of elimination as a result of his not being able to learn choreography quickly.

Check here for the CBS Upfronts 2007Check here for the ABC Upfronts 2007Check here for the NBC Upfronts 2007Check here for the FOX Upfronts 2007 (and The CW is in there too)Video Uploaded by Series Blog More After the Jump...

If Santiago wins, she gets Peralta's beloved (shitty) car; if Peralta wins, he's going to give her the treatment received by the many (six) ladies he's allegedly seduced in said car, taking her on the very worst date of Santiago's life.

Thaddeus Young was the 76ers first draft pick in the post-Iverson Era.

Iguodala and Thaddeus Young made game-winning shots in Games 1 and 3, respectively, while Orlando s Hedo Türkoğlu provided the game-winner in Game 4.

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Gardner aspires to dance professionally, eventually owning a dance studio and production company, as well as a toy company.

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