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Many people love a bargain; many modern shoppers are reviving the pride our grandparents felt in finding amazing deals.

The chief financial analyst at Bankrate, Greg Mc Bride, agrees. One, it helps you sort out who’s got the best deal.

The survey provided many options of physical and psychological symptoms of stress for the respondents to choose from. · Social isolation – 74% · Apprehension or dread – 55% · Irritability – 55% · Depression – 52% · Restlessness – 53% · Tenseness – 51% · Headaches – 72% · Sleepless nights – 65% · Muscle tension – 56% · Nausea – 50% · Jumpiness – 21% For many graduates struggling to enter a sometimes-hostile workplace, income-driven repayment plans are a viable option.

These plans can lower your monthly payments to 10-20% of your monthly discretionary income.

There are several student loan refinancing companies that offer low variable-interest and fixed-interest rates.

Student loan debt is bad enough; if you have other damaging credit items in your history, it might be helpful to you to work on those issues in the more immediate term, and free up some other options.

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