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After most of the other female guests had given their pecks on the cheek, Sofia wanted him to know without a doubt that she was the one kissing him.She gave him a big wet kiss in his ear, using her tongue and biting his ear lobe. He tore off the blindfold and declared that the game was over.At the party, Carlos was pleased with his gifts and the band, but as the evening progressed he became more withdrawn and depressed that he was so old.The other guests continued drinking, eating, and playing raucous party games.The conflict between Sofia and her father grows out of the gap between these two cultural perspectives.Sofia feels that it is her right to explore her sexuality however she pleases while also enjoying the privacy and independence of adulthood.Their father Carlos would greet them, they would eat cake, and then he would give them envelopes filled with hundreds of dollars in small bills.

His definition of loose turns on Sofia's status as a single woman, since Catholic ideology does not condone a woman having sex before marriage.

She sent her family postcards from their honeymoon, and invited them to visit her and her husband in their new home in Michigan.

When their first child was born, Sofia's mother Laura did visit, but her father swore he would never set foot in her house.

Sofia became so angry and hurt during this fight that she ran away from home.

She went to Germany to get the man to marry her, which he did.

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