Simgirls dating simulator v4

She fires a special DNA gun at him and goes back into the future.

Fortunately, the gun actually has the reverse effect; it gives the protagonist the ability to become the "megaplayboy" that the girl traveled back in time to stop.

It is now his duty to take care of her on a daily basis.

He discovers that she had a necklace on her, and decides to take it to his teacher, Akira, who hangs out at the Fight Club.

Within a few days, the protagonist is exponentially smarter, stronger, and more charming, and is developing stronger relationships with the female characters.

Three weeks later, the girl from the future returns.

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Some of the aforementioned bugs and issues are fixed.

The game is structured into days, with 100 energy points that can be invested into different activities.

These activities can be used to improve various stats.

The character is a teenage boy who goes to Fukoma High School.

The protagonist is a mostly unremarkable fellow, who lacks the strength, knowledge, or personality to get a girlfriend.

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