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The next section describes the Thai chat data and the methods used to analyze turn allocation and flirtation.

Her dissertation, entitled “Coherence of Interactions in a Thai Chatroom: Interplay of Cohesion, Turn-Allocation, and Relevance,” focuses on interactional coherence in computer-mediated chat. This paper analyzes gender in relation to turn allocation in a popular Thai chat room on the World Wide Web.Our results show that females participate more often and receive a higher rate of response from both females and males.Males, who are in the minority, must work harder to take the floor, even in their attempted flirtatious interactions.Moreover, everyone is in principle free to self-select (Lunsford, 1996), and turns are posted democratically in the order received by the system.These features lead to the prediction that chat rooms will have more self-selecting conversational “floors” (Strategies B and C) than face-to-face communication, with attendant implications for gender equality (cf. At the same time, in as much as flirtation plays an important role in English-language chat room interactions, we analyzed flirtatious behavior in relation to turn initiations and responses, predicting that cross-sex initiations would be more frequent than same-sex initiations, and that males would attempt to initiate more flirtatious conversations with females than vice versa (cf. The results of the analysis show that rather than self-selecting at will, Thai chat participants obey the hierarchy of turn allocation preferences described for face-to-face speech by Sacks et al. That is, both females and males prefer Strategy A, the current speaker selects the next speaker.

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