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The jury was also read records from Gloucester Royal Hospital yesterday.The first showed that Mr West was admitted to the casualty unit at 25 minutes past midnight on 3 January 1974, with a severe laceration to his right hand.She said: "I would constantly be informed about their open marriage and that Rose had her boyfriends and Fred had his girlfriends. "There would be times when they mentioned that they knew about people's personal sex lives and Mrs West said that when she retired she was going to spend her whole retirement engaged in sexual activity." Mrs Brewer said that both Shirley Robinson, 16, and Mrs West were pregnant at the time and that one day she saw Shirley and Mr West kissing and cuddling outside the girl's room.She became friendly with Shirley who asked her if she could stay in Mrs Brewer's room.When she arrived at the casualty department she gave the reason for the wound as "playing around with knives".When she got to the ward she said that it was caused by "cutting wood".

Mr Stanniland said that during the period of about 14 months he spent at Cromwell Street in 1972-73, Gloucestershire police had raided the house looking for drugs.This was a week after Lucy Partington, whose remains were found in the Cromwell Street cellar, disappeared in Cheltenham. The second showed that Mrs West was admitted to the hospital on 13 August 1974 with a cut to her right hand.She spent two days in hospital and underwent surgery.The jurors will visit 25 Cromwell Street next Thursday.The judge, Mr Justice Mantell, said that he had reservations about the trip but granted their request to look round the house and garden.

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