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They understand government's importance; they also understand that makinggovernmentwork properly will require research and knowledge-a familiarity with the operations of the agency or branch they propose to join, certainly, but also an understanding of the "big picture.” They are willing to study, to do the work necessary to acquire what I’ve sometimes called “constitutional competence"-a genuine understanding of our American approach to self- government.

The revelations about Harvey Weinstein-not to mention Bill Cosby, Donald Trump and a growing cast of other characters-have seemingly opened floodgates of pent-up female anger.Even those who lose, however, will elevate the conversation and hold incumbents accountable. a lot of women have just had it-both with the sexual predators who make it hard to do our jobs, and with the preening and power-hungry politicians who are more invested in their own importance than in making government work for its citizens And when women have had it, things change.It’s like that refrigerator magnet says: When momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.It is our desire to continue dialog between the LGBT community and Fresno Unified School District.During the Oct 11th meeting a discussion item was added regarding President Ashjian's remarks and actions towards the LGBT community.

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Email: Citywide efforts are underway to identify the Bullard High student or students who pelted a girl with juice boxes while shouting gay slurs at the school earlier this week, including a cash reward.

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