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Display of crudeness and dumbness, as in grammatically poor use of English (They have spell check for a reason! Lack of class (Lines like “No Thugs” or “No Endless Emails” are tasteless) 3.

They are the “red flags” of the Sugar Daddy profile, and right now, there are ten massive offenders that plague even the best Sugar Baby profiles. Take a look: The 10 “Red Flags” of the Sugar Daddy Personal Ad 1.

The priests who went south are now credited with carrying mantras written in Tulu script to Kerala.

Like Tamil and Malayalam, Tulu script is derived from the Grantha* script.

You know that your Sugar Baby allure is how you get Sugar Daddies…and your online profile is how you grab their attention. Gold digger (If you emphasize financials, Sugar Daddies will think you’re a gold digger, plain and simple) 4.

Tulu, derived from proto-Dravidian is the predominant language spoken by Hindus of various castes and by the Jains of Tulu Nadu.Two epic poems written in 17th century namely Sri Bhagavata and Kaveri have also been found.Madhvacharya’s eight matts established in Udupi in the 13th century were centers of Tulu literature during his lifetime and thereafter. So it is not inconceivable (as it is claimed) that Madhvacharya himself did all his writings in the Tulu script.The Tulu language has lost its prominence as a major language.Lack of serious literature in Tulu language has also hampered its claim as a language to be taught in educational institutes.

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Konkanasthas and Catholics speak two variants of Konkani.

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