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By popular demand, the star of the BAREFOOT NUDITY EUROPEAN TOUR 2017, the gorgeous CLEMENTINE POULAIN, is back for an exciting encore!

plenty of exciting photosets and videos starring gorgeous CLEMENTINE POULAIN, indoors and outdoors, in exciting situations and amazing locations in Germany!Do watch both VIDEOS in today's update if you want to enjoy the action!CLEMENTINE POULAIN's sexy size 37EU/6.5US bare feet are obviously always in sight for your viewing pleasure!To complete the package, there are also breathtaking close-ups of PURPLE QUEEN's huge juicy pussy with super-meaty, wrinkly, stretchable "butterfly" labia!STAY TUNED, as PURPLE QUEEN will be back with AMAZING VIDEOS in future updates! :-) Description: In this photoset our gorgeous superstar ELETTRA delivers classy barefoot erotica in her hotel room in Bologna (Italy).

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  2. I get frustrated a little bit with how much sex Sarah has. But sometimes it’s exhausting — emotionally and physically. We were just pointing out to someone who was like, “Whoa, you have a ton of sex this year,” that I am actually clothed the whole time. We’re very free, but there’s nothing actually happening. I don’t like anger, and I don’t like conflict particularly in my life. To bring up that part of Sarah, like when she was really abusing Pony last year, when she was yelling at her kids, that was wrenching and hard for me.