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First of all, the assertion that such parties could even be orchestrated is kind of ridiculous.Logistically, in order to guarantee that at least one person at such a party is ‘secretly’ HIV positive, one of the event’s planners would have to make sure to invite someone who is HIV positive.Neither of these reasons are per se, but there are platforms that are better for each purpose.

Some use them to meet people online, while others may prefer to use these applications for cybersex with strangers.

For many who witnessed the media onslaught, it will soon be accepted as fact.

That’s a shame, because not long after hitting the newsstands, the story has completely fallen apart.

Who are all these other Spanish doctors attesting to the existence of these events?

As with sex bracelets, gerbiling, or tales of lobster-based gratification gone awry, sex roulette (and its predecessor, “bug chasing”) appear to be solely based on extrapolation.

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The risky orgies are usually attended by gay men and offer the so-called ‘thrill’ of not knowing whether or not you will be infected .

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