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For example, in the Mosaic Law, one of the commandments is to keep the Sabbath holy, which means that Jews were not supposed to work on Saturdays.

But to clarify this, the Jewish scholars created 39 separate categories of what “work” means, and within those 39 categories there are many sub-categories.

The most famous part of the Mosaic Law is the 10 Commandments, but these are actually just 10 of a total of 613 commandments given to the OT people.

While following 613 commandments would be hard enough, over time Jewish leaders began to slowly add to these laws in the Midrash.

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So to follow the rule of not working on the Sabbath, there are literally thousands of sub-rules to follow, including how many steps you can take, and how many letters you can write on the Sabbath.

While most average Jews in Jesus day, and still today, didn’t even attempt to follow all of these additions to the original Law, the Pharisees did.

This additional teaching is basically an ongoing compilation of sermons and sayings by Jewish Rabbis meant to interpret the original Mosaic Law.

The original intent of these additions was to clarify the law, but it ended up adding many layers of complicated regulations.

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