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Yet in doing so, they find that their lives are inexplicably linked. See full summary » Jennifer Carpenter, Kristen Connolly and Alexander Poe star in a comedy about three New Yorkers struggling to uncover the truth behind their romantic entanglements.Disheartened by his latest relationship catastrophe, Graham (Poe) attempts to rekindle the spark with his ex-girlfriend, Laura (Connolly).In the attempt to win her back Graham discovers he has a unique problem: Laura and another one his ex-girlfriends (Carpenter) are dating the same guy.Don't expect a typical Hollywood happy ending or a passionate love story out of this Alexander Poe movie.”Victoria went on to have another five children before the decade was over, and three more in the 1850s.

It starred Colin Blakely, Dorothy Tutin, and Vivien Merchant, and was directed by Peter Hall.

It is an endearing and basic indie movie about what failed relationships are made of.

If you have an hour to kill and you don't feel so good about yourself, you might like to know that you're not alone.

Three teenage girls from a small town star in a pornographic film, which tears their families apart leading to a disappearance, a murder and host of other secrets boiling under the surface in their small town.

After September 11th, six Lower Manhattan residents must deal with pain on their own.

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ACTRESSES WHO HAVE PLAYED QUEEN ELIZABETHGoodwin was less forthcoming about a return for Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell), but did not rule it out.

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  1. For the same reason, many of us try to seek compassion and love from every other person until we find a perfect one, so does Stephen Colletti, who has seen a number of relationships in his journey to find his love of life.