Robert pattinson lindsay lohan dating

You can see in this video that her belly kind of deflates as she sits down, and read more about it all here.

Apparently Katie Holmes became pregnant with Klein's baby just before she started dating Tom Cruise, but the pair decided to pretend that Suri was Tom's.

The theory is that Bobby didn't want any secrets getting out so arranged to have her murdered, and made it look like an overdose.

A couple of years ago, a Secret Service agent confessed on his deathbed that he was involved in her murder.

Disney covered it up by saying that Lindsay played both roles in the movie, and her family went along with it because they're fame-hungry.

And that's why Lindsay ended up turning to drugs and booze. Back in 2010, Hannah Montana ended and Miley released Can't Be Tamed.

Oh and the woman who Kristen is supposedly dating right now? There were a ton of rumours that Marilyn Monroe was having an affair with Bobby Kennedy, back in the 1960s, and also slept with President Kennedy a couple of times.

Apparently she knew heaps of family secrets, which she kept written down in a little red book.

There's a whole Wikipedia page about it if you want to read more.There have been a bunch of people, all throughout history, who look a hell of a lot like Keanu Reeves.Apparently he's been around since 748, and has cropped up as a doctor, a painter, and even a French king.There's a whole Soundcloud account dedicated to it.Also, Nicki has talked a lot about her ~alter-egos~ and it just makes sense that Jay Z is one of them, especially because he is 100% confirmed illuminati*.

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