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When a partner isn’t speaking to you, it is a clear sign that he or she is angry or upset, even if no words are said to that effect.

Feeling abandoned: if the victim has prior abandonment issues, this isolation can feel very much the same as being physically and emotionally abandoned Loneliness, shame, guilt, and all the emotions that come from being ”˜punished’ or scolded by another person.In other words, in situations when a normal person would stand and face the music for his mis-behavior and wrong doings, the sociopathic spouse turns into the perpetual child, responding with the equivalent of: You can’t be mad at me, because I’m mad at you.Harmful Intent Why is the silent treatment so harmful? This isn’t the normal time-out from an argument that couples may agree upon; it’s one person isolating the other, withholding emotion, approval, and acceptance.After listening to us and asking questions for nearly an hour, she did just as I knew she would and laid it all out as plain as could be.To my surprise, shock, and dismay, however, she explained that my experience in arguing with my ex-husband had left me little in the way of skills needed to argue or disagree in a healthy relationship.

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To me, it is an especially insidious and cowardly form of abuse in which the abusers deny what they do and leave no viable evidence, only the victims’ manipulated memory.

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