Pros consolidating police agencies

Based on the job responsibilities and measurable need to be trained to keep abreast of the job requirements, it is unlikely a person could do both effectively.Hours in the day There is a lot of preparation work required every single duty shift in order to provide a reliable and quick response to alarms.When not responding to emergency medical alarms, firefighters are expected to be the first line of defense to protect communities against hazardous material releases of all types.Add to these two critical fields of service, technical rescue technicians to remove people trapped in automobiles or similar predicaments.That leaves the requirement to properly and quickly extinguish unwanted fires in the community.

So, the question that begs answering is, can an employee learn and maintain the necessary skills for one complicated discipline and learn to function within another equally complicated community-safety discipline?

The motivating logic seems to be that neither department is busy enough to command the tax share needed to operate separate agency.

The initial belief is that merging two costly departments into one will create a more efficient department, thereby saving big public bucks.

That community required hundreds of firefighters and police officers to perform their duties at the same place and time.

The horrible tragedy in Aurora, Colo., is another example of when the community needs as many firefighters and police officers as it can afford.

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To the untrained administrator this is a very inviting proposition.

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