Professional black women dating blue collar men

There are enduring, rational reasons why my guy’s blue-collar job makes him desirable.Here are three of the big ones.♦◊♦The nature of my boyfriend’s work gives him the freedom to let loose and be himself in a way that that many professionals just can’t afford to do, and that makes him far better company.And if we wake up the following morning and don’t feel fantastic, we’ll consider it well worth the headache because we had a blast.If it weren’t for my boyfriend, I might be condemned to a social life characterized by polite chatter and “networking” events.The problem is, in my own immodest opinion, I’m a solid competitor in the mating game.I’ve always had an easy rapport with men and have never had any particular trouble attracting or holding their interest.He gets paid by the hour to work a physically demanding job that doesn’t require a college degree. Which means, according to the evolutionary psychologists, that I should find him roughly as attractive as a serial killer.

They’re always predictable: the guests will almost all be couples (single people are looked on with suspicion).There will be heated discussions of religion, politics, and sex.There will be story-telling that has everyone crying with laughter. Someone will declare that it’s time for a round of shots.And he doesn’t have to worry about losing favor with his boss merely because he doesn’t express the correct opinions or play the right sport.Because he doesn’t have to worry about constantly protecting his professional image, he’s free to have more fun.

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Because success in a white-collar office is essentially a matter of public relations, professional life has an unfortunate tendency to whitewash one’s personality and homogenize one’s lifestyle.

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