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Formal signage for completed projects, such as foundation stones or commemorative plaques, should not be altered.Managing contractors, NGOs or multilateral organisations and their staff must not use the Australian Government Coat of Arms or the Australian Aid Identifier on any stationery, including business cards, as this can incorrectly imply that the organisation acts with the authority of the Australian Government or that staff are Australian Government employees.An Australian aid initiative implemented by [insert NGO] on behalf of the Australian Government.This publication has been funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.The program has its own logo because it is a whole-of-government brand.Its use is governed by its own brand guide and style guide. The views expressed in this publication are the author’s alone and are not necessarily the views of the Australian Government.has been funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Correct branding also maximises recognition of the development role played by the Australian Government and increases the accountability and transparency of Australia’s aid program.

The Australian Government neither endorses the views in this publication, nor vouches for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within the publication.

The Australian Government, its officers, employees and agents, accept no liability for any loss, damage or expense arising out of, or in connection with, any reliance on any omissions or inaccuracies in the material contained in this publication.

However, they can place the following at the bottom of the page, with their logo alongside it: An exemption for not applying branding may be granted by the Head of Mission or the Communications Section at DFAT if there is compelling case or an identified security risk.

All new Australian aid-funded projects and initiatives should be branded with the Australian Aid Identifier.

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