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After all her husband was away and here she was a white wife spending time with a black man recently left single.

Of course all the wives of his fellow squad members came to help out but she was the Sergeants wife and she felt a responsibility to see that he was ok as her husband had asked.

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He was personally responsible for saving their asses quite a few times and afterwards would always say with a big grin on his face, “That’s what they pay me for gents”.

He would never have eaten if not for Dorians insistence and the squad wives bringing him food.

Doria kept her husband informed of everything that happened and especially Ron’s mental state.

If he said that once he’d said it a dozen times after turning back Taliban attacks in almost single handed displays of courage and determination.

To see him like that just showed his deep love of everything he held dear, his family, his country and his fellow squad members.

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