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[code barres quatre types de traits]the initial weight step for pricing purposes, i.e., up to 50 grams for Machineable Standard (STD); up to 100 grams for Machineable Oversize (OS) and Delivery Facility Presort (DFP); and up to 200 grams for Special Handling (SH) [poids de base]The Publications Mail agreement number (PM number) required for proof of payment and processing, including for the return of undeliverable Publications Mail items.

[renseignements d’identification de base]A person who enters a Business Reply Mail agreement and obtains the approval of Canada Post to distribute envelopes or cards that meet the requirements for Business Reply Mail service.

For items delivered to the post office (notice to pick up at the post office), the authorized representative must present a letter of authorization as per Canada Post current identification requirements policy.

[oblitration]The sender writes CARD FOR PICKUP in the Attention box of the shipping label or applies a Card for Pickup sticker to the item to ensure that Canada Post does not deliver the item.

Canada Post notifies the addressee that the item is to be picked up at the post office.

The two units of the code have different functions: ANA represents the forward sortation area (FSA), and NAN represents the local delivery unit (LDU).

With respect to each product and service, the applicable prices, including any applicable fees, charges or surcharges, and less any applicable rebate, set by Canada Post and in effect at the time of mailing, as published and/or made available by Canada Post for general application to its customers, as amended from time to time.

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