Passive agressive behavior in dating

Parents, teachers, and adults in general are partly responsible for passive behavior and communication in children.At a young age and continually in life, adults condition passive people to continue submissive behavior through verbal rewards.A person that says, “I’m fine with anything you decide”, puts the final decision on somebody else.The passive person leaves the other person to select an option.

Passiveness literally means detachment and acceptance. While passiveness is different to being shy or quiet, shy or quiet individuals are often passive.When the option is undesirable, the passive person can readily and easily blame the decision-maker for their choice.Yet another reason someone can behave passively and avoid conflict is their protection from others.An adult observing the girl tells her she is nice for not doing anything and making the bully angry.A student sits in the classroom, not answering any questions.

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Passive individuals receive praise for their selfless actions, keeping quiet, and not voicing their concerns.

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