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And the shopping mall is said to be a favorite hang-out--at least for young people.

But for the chronically shy, both these settings may hold less promise than more structured ones.

The best way to overcome shyness with girls is focus on your strengths, rather than your flaws.

Prepare yourself to face rejection and learn from each experience.

Taking It Slow Becoming More Confident Becoming More Comfortable in Social Situations Community Q&A Shyness can be a debilitating condition for many boys and men, especially when it comes to girls.

If shyness has kept you from meeting someone special, read the following steps to see how you can overcome it.

And there's no guarantee that a person you would like to meet will be calling the line at the same time you are, anyway. In short, as one woman's magazine put it, "Romance can't flourish at a dollar per minute."Another place, it is generally agreed, that the shy person (and nearly everybody else, for that matter) should not spend their time looking for dates is in the so-called "singles bars." In this highly-competitive atmosphere, those with the cleverest "lines" or the most seemingly self-confident manner are the ones likely to get the most attention.

The fact that few, if any, strangers may have struck up conversations with them there indicates that most people are not receptive to the idea of these places as informal "singles bars." And for the shy person, where even little details matter, any lack of receptivity by another person can be fatal to one's self-confidence.

Perhaps a restaurant, maybe a coffeehouse, or just a spot in the park.

And finally, if a friend is informed about plans and schedules, a fifth layer of protection will be added.

If you're still in school, your job is relatively easy.

You're surrounded by hundreds of people every day, half of whom are of the opposite gender.

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