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We have also supplied many Films, TV and Stage Productions, and Theatrical Costumiers.Some of the best known productions include: SAVING PRIVATE RYAN , BAND OF BROTHERS , CAPTAIN CORRELIS MANDOLIN, HANNIBAL RISING , OUTPOST, OUTPOST II and III, REDTAIL, VALKRYIE, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, WAR HORSE (stage and screen productions) and most recently FURY.Even aspects like planetary rotation must be considered as they can change the lighting of certain environments in drastic ways.Once the coordinates have been settled, Leyland’s team adds accoutrements like weathering, wall design and decals to represent the owners.Work is being done to lighten that load for artists, and it’s all in the service of automation.If everything is linked and named correctly in an algorithm, it’s essentially the difference between having to manually edit a thousand outposts to fix a single issue and instantly reflecting that single change across an entire cluster.

I think because when the project first started a lot of this stuff was more of a pipe dream we didn’t necessarily have the tech to do it.Perhaps Senior Lead Environment Artist Eddie Hilditch offers the best explanation:“It may be complex now in terms of initial setup, but once the pipeline tools come in it should be a lot easier to maintain than if we were making a thousand custom outposts...We supply most established Re-enactment Groups in the UK and Europe, and many individuals worldwide .We have a large range of Uniform, Field Equipment, Insignia, etc. We will, of course, be updating the website with more products at regular intervals.Please refer to our News Page for details of our next shows and new products, also for our exciting new range of original British and American field equipment and uniform items.

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For a massive, procedurally generated game like , the first step in accomplishing that goal is actually quite unique.

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