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Because more spots are held aside for large groups, it is much more difficult for us to fill them last minute.You will get credit for any deposit you may have paid when calculating the cancellation fee.For an off-Strip property, the pool deck at The Orleans is really nice -- and totally chill. The base-level deluxe rooms were remodeled in 2012 while the premium rooms were redone in 2014 -- so they have contemporary décor and come with flat-screen TVs and coffeemakers. If you don't have a car, take advantage of the free shuttle service from The Orleans to the Strip at The Forum Shops at Caesars as well as to its sister property, the Gold Coast. Parents, when you want some alone time you can drop your young kids (ages 3 - 12) off at Kids Tyme.

Co-owner Charlotte Crist came back to her native Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina to help economically rebuild New Orleans.We personally go on the different tours, read reviews and listen to our customers, and then we base our recommendations on all of those factors. We work with most of the top tour operators in the New Orleans area. The gators were a little shy at first but once the tour guide started dropping marshmallows they came out of hiding. I would recommend this company to anyone travelling to New Orleans!If two tours are similar in quality, but one tour is less expensive, we usually recommend the less expensive one to our customers. If there is a specific company you would like to be placed with, please let us know. The tour guide even managed to get a gator up close to the edge of the boat with the lure of raw chicken meat. Our guided 2 and 3 hour city tours get you off Bourbon Street and show you the real New Orleans: French Quarter, Garden District, City Park, St. These courses are perfect for individuals who work shifts, juggle multiple responsibilities at work and home, or have energy to learn at night!Public Allies is a national movement committed to advancing social justice and equity by engaging and activating the leadership capacities of young people.

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We love the large illuminated masked heads that hang over the casino floor.

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