Online devotions for teen dating couples

If there’s one thing I appreciate the most about my generation, it might be that they have the guts to blow past shame and be real with each other. Why not bring your talents and skills to the Human Rights Campaign?But for everything that the Church like about Millennials, there are some really awesome lessons to be learned from this blossoming generation of young people. Millennials admit that our opinions are influenced (in part) by outside factors.If I’m honest with myself, I have to admit that there are many forces influencing my beliefs and say about the rising generation of young adults, often called Millennials. And because we have more access to information than any other generation, we probably seem super stuck up.

And fighting for a bad thing might not be worth much if we aren’t also fighting for good things to take its place!

They are standing up for themselves and not allowing themselves to be walked on, taken advantage of, or be put in unfair, unsafe spaces.

And from an inside perspective, relationships sure look a lot healthier when these two ideals are fought for!

The more I listen, watch, and read, the more I realize that social, biological, and environmental factors play a huge part in shaping a person.

Whether it’s the food I like, the denomination of church I attend, or my opinions about dating, I’m willing to acknowledge that I didn’t arrive there only because of some impartial examination of all variables.

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Millennials know that humans need to be vulnerable with each other.

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