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So, there is hope....there are diamonds out's weeding through the rough. You'll get your answers so much faster as the topic has already been discussed before.

Here is one of several with your exact question. Posts14564920Most of the other sites have a format just like this one.

I was active on a paid site for a short time, and found that the messages/emails I received were for the most part from scammers.

Eharmony is different as it allows you to communicate indirectly for a short period before you have the freedom to send improvised emails.

While the pay sites may not attract as many cheapskate males, they damn sure attract just as many parasitic it made me think .

iif it was the fact that the men going on pay sites were better quality, would that also lean towards the men paying for prostitutes were higher quality then the men getting married to the person they chose to date .

In my experience, a paid site was not much different.

My son though met a wonderful woman on-line and were married last year after dating for 6 years.

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men that date n get married , rarely paid anyone for the service of meeting the woman.

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