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In 2002 on New Year’s Day, 13 year old Alicia Kozakiewicz was abducted by Scott Tyree and held in his sadistic basement lair for four days.

She was raped, beaten, and had images of the entire episode spread to other child predators throughout the Internet.

In both cases, the girls had been lured into their horrible predicament through a methodical grooming process that sex predators use to capture the interests of impressionable young, teenagers – earning their trust and in some cases even “love”, before making the final attempt to abduct the child.

These cases make it into the news every now and then, but how bad is the problem really?

You only have to say the right word – any word – and your every desire will be delivered. It’s Google, Bing, and every other search engine on the Internet.

I can tell you that the experience initially shocked me.

It made me realize that the human mind is not as civilized as we would like to believe.

After receiving a tip from one man in Florida who had seen her photos online and had heard about the abduction on the news, the FBI eventually located Tyree and burst into his home, rescuing Alicia from her nightmare.

Then there was the case in 2010 of Danielle Wade, a 15 year old girl in rural Virginia who started chatting on her smartphone with a boy who she thought was 16 years old.

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It’s a process where the comfort level of the victim just lowers those boundaries more and more.

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