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In such cases you may need a bit of old fashioned reason rather than a Viagra pill!So how can worrying about performing sexually actually prevent you from performing?So maybe you think that a man must have an erection, or that a woman must have an orgasm.And maybe you think this despite the obvious biological fact that having an erection or orgasm is not a necessary condition of being a man or woman. It is not in your penis or your vagina; it is not in a malfunction of your erogenous zone.And the outcome was not just about the enhanced pleasures of a passing encounter but a boost to my sexual confidence.The bottom line is that knowledge and technique at the how-to level are also ways to help overcome performance anxiety. (By the way, the video clip was by Nina Hartley - you find it and others by googling 'Nina Hartley lessons' with safe search turned off, but, be warned, it is very explicit.) thought it was a joke because i have really spend a lot of money on i get is just a few days control of it, so i concluded that i was going to live with properly forever until l i met with Dr Alaska with his 15 years of research method and experience cured my 8 years weak erection and premature ejaculation.You may only enter this website if you are at least 18 years of age, or at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you reside or from which you access this Website.If you do not meet these requirements, then you do not have permission to use the Website.

Here, your imagination is all the reality that really matters anyway.

You are a self-determining being, a being who can autonomously decide things. And anyway, it's not really awful if you don't have an orgasm or you can't have an erection. As far as bad things go, it really isn't so bad-unless you tell yourself it is. On the other hand you can have considerable control over your sexual experience.

You therefore also have an inherent value and dignity. It is not on the level of a nuclear meltdown or an earthquake in which thousands of people perish. You can think erotic thoughts, touch, feel, and sense.

I'm supposed to have an erection; and if I don't have one, then I'm somehow defective, kind of like a clock that doesn't keep time is still a clock." Now, a little existential advice might help to take the edge off this popular "natural law" perspective. You may fear that your partner will stop seeing you as sexy or as not being a "real man" or "real woman." As such, you may tell yourself that your worth depends on whether or not you can reach a climax. What will he or she think if you can't even reach a climax?

"What good am I," you think, "if I can't even have an orgasm." But you are not identical to an orgasm. You are a being who can think, reason, act, feel, desire, and sense. Finally, you cannot control what others think of you. These are thoughts that shouldn't occupy you because you're simply not in a position to control what others think.

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