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After their divorce, she remarried Wagner and had a second daughter, Courtney.

Today, Natasha would like her mom to be remembered for how she lived and loved — not her tragic death by drowning.

“If you love someone and make a commitment to them, the love does not vanish because you have signed a legal document called a divorce paper,” she writes.

“The failure of all your hopes, promises and dreams gives you one more thing in common — mutual sadness.” “The happiest times in our marriage occurred when we were aboard RJ’s yacht, usually on cruises to Catalina Island without other people,” writes Wood, who learned to cook her trademark huevos rancheros on the high seas.

“She worked hard on herself because she didn’t want to be a casualty of her own childhood,” Natasha told PEOPLE in March.

Performers include: Barry Watson, Raquel Welch, Zenia Marshall, Lilah Fitzgerald, Audrey Smallman, Cindy Busby, Lochlyn Munro, Matty Finochio, Karen Holness, Chris Gauthier, Robert Wagner, Willie Aames, and Natasha Gregson Wagner The story picks up three years after Isabella’s death.

On Ricky’s 40th birthday, his mother-in-law, Rosa (Raquel Welch) — who has been helping Ricky raise daughters Mirabel (Marshall), Elisa (Fitzgerald), and Gigi (Smallman) — informs the family she is moving out Although she has been living with Ricky and the girls since Isabella died, Rosa realizes neither of them will be comfortable enjoying an active social live, while they’re still living together.

One morning as we returned to Balboa from Catalina while RJ maneuvered the boat into the slip, I threw over the line — and fell right into the water with it. RJ fished me out.” But after two years of marriage, tensions arose.

Instead, I discovered Mount Vesuvius, a live volcano with eruptions each day,” she writes. In fact, we were both so confused that we thought fighting and hostility meant real emotional honesty.” In retrospect, she writes, “I felt that I should be punished for having failed in marriage.

I was trying to punish myself by sticking to a relationship that was going nowhere …” Marilyn Monroe’s death in 1962 also made a big impact.

She moved to the beach, took night classes at UCLA, and learned to “say yes to life.” She ends the piece poignantly, writing of her wishes for the future: “I was once asked if my goal in life was to be a good actress, and at one time perhaps it was.

But now I know that most of all my hope is that I will be totally committed to another human being and that that union will bring children and happiness.” In the years that followed, she had a daughter, Natasha, with her second husband, producer Richard Gregson.

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“For the first time in my life I considered, in horror, the possibility that I might join that sad parade of famous movie ladies who wind up desperately lonely, with nothing more substantial about them than their scrapbooks and old photos, and memories of romances and divorces.” Adrift, she fell in love with Warren Beatty in the mid-60s.

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