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The title sums up the Aldriches' attitude all along, underpinning their successful marriage.

The Lovings were "the ones that paved the way for us," says Sara, 76.

They might never have met, though they nearly crossed paths several times during their young adult years.

Even if they had met then, strident objections against mixing races would've filled the background, contaminating their relationship before it had a chance to blossom.

In Delaware, more than 17,000 mixed-race couples wed in 2010, the most recent year for which statistics are available.

Today, the Aldriches live in a modest apartment in a 55-and-over community in southern Delaware, where a grandfather clock chimes on the quarter-hour and an overweight tortoiseshell cat lolls on the kitchen table.

"You're in this life to make yourself happy."In early 1965, Pat was sent to Neubrucke, Germany, at his request. Her first day on the job, the midwesterner with the stylish bob and specs met two sergeants at the service club.

The movie chronicles a quiet romance-turned-hugely-controversial-legal-battle after a white bricklayer and a woman of African American and Native American descent got married in Washington, D. Shortly after settling in their home state of Virginia, the Lovings were sentenced to a year in jail for violating that state's ban on interracial marriage.

They agreed not to return to Virginia for 25 years in exchange for a suspended sentence.

Black and white soldiers collaborated on base; off-base, they drank separately.

One time, Pat joined a group of nine white soldiers at a bar in Texas. Pat's buddies argued passionately."At ease," Pat recalled saying.

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