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A literal reading of the passage identified by Dr Orstan is that the snails lived before the bivalves.

Mr Menzies, who is a former submariner in the Royal Navy and a merchant banker, is an amateur historian and his theory met with little approval from professionals. California is shown as an island; the British Isles do not appear at all.

But it struck a chord: his book became a bestseller and his 1421 website is very popular. The distance from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean is ten times greater than it ought to be.

In any event, his arguments convinced Mr Liu that his map was a relic of Zheng He's earlier voyages. The outlines of Africa, Europe and the Americas are instantly recognisable. Australia is in the wrong place (though cartographers no longer doubt that Australia and New Zealand were discovered by Chinese seamen centuries before Captain Cook arrived on the scene).

All of them are naked and wearing bone articles around their waists.” But this remarkable precision, rather than the errors, is what critics of the Menzies theory are likely to use to question the authenticity of the 1418 map.

Mr Menzies and his followers are naturally extremely keen to establish that the 1763 copy is not a forgery and that it faithfully represents the 1418 original.

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He showed his acquisition to five experienced collectors, who agreed that the traces of vermin on the bamboo paper it is written on, and the de-pigmentation of ink and colours, indicated that the map was more than 100 years old.

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