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"Olivia, 13 years ago, was a different person; she was a rookie cop with a lot of passion and a need for justice and need to fix her past," she said."She's developed and grown into a lioness who didn't just want justice but needed it.

"I was very nervous going into the season; Chris and I started and were extremely close and had amazing chemistry which was a gift." The actress says the new dynamic created with the additions of Danny Pino and Kelli Giddish to join the cast along with returning stars Stephanie March and Diane Neal also returned to the show this season.

But the nature of the stabbing is what brings SVU into the case.

Irwin and his wife at first glance are the most all American of couples, their own teenage daughter has just started dating under the strictest of supervision.

If you are more daring with your style, Kelly Osbourne's undercut is modern elegance.

With a style like this undercut, the hair is sectioned from temples to crown and clipped up while the hair underneath is clipper cut very close.

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my character has gone on this unbelievable personal journey that is both reflected in her persona life and the story lines.

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