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A few months later, a friend called him from jail and told him he was in the same unit as Teerhuis.

Though he hadn’t planned on writing a book, Zupansky says the “unexpected prospect of a unique journalistic opportunity” made him “think much more ambitiously” about how he could cover the case.

(One detective who walked into the bathroom with Teerhuis later cried over the carnage he witnessed.) Teerhuis was taken into custody and charged with Greene’s murder.

News of the atrocious crime caught Zupansky’s attention, and he began following its developments, clipping articles from the Winnipeg papers.

The two sat and drank in the bar, realized they were attracted to each other, and went back to room 309 of the nearby Royal Albert Arms Hotel.

At approximately p.m., reeling from a cocktail of alcohol, prescription medication and crack cocaine, which he’d been using throughout the evening, Teerhuis was overcome with a sinister urge.

He killed Greene, cut him to pieces in the bathtub, and passed out.

Still, the circumstances of the crime were so sensational that he figured he had a bestseller in the making.Despite the initial awkwardness, Zupansky had long been anticipating the meeting.At the time, Zupansky was a single father, and the host of a weekly interview program on the local college radio Zupansky was underwhelmed when he met Sidney Teerhuis in jail.Teerhuis was overweight, had a face scarred by acne, and spoke with a high, hectoring voice.

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