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And theres the sparkle of sugar shining through this chocolate covered sand.But with these shining sugar sand specs, youre also getting almost a ...aspect of something else, a forgotten milk, some almost fruity, or citrus thing going on. And besides that we have some vanilla in the air from all this baking, and someone is making coffee with a very fake(although still smells good mind you)sorta coffee creamer flavor you see in stores.And also in the background of this kitchen someone is cooking some warm indistinguishable sweetened sugary pastry fill with.. Again its one of the strangest smells ive ever smelled in fragrances that somehow still smells really good to me.

However when I have admittedly ive never received a bad comment and have had some people tell me they like it quite a bit.In fact, at the heart of this warmth-inducing gourmand’s delight is an infusion of coffee beans with soothing but slightly spicy cacao natural and tantalizing creamy chestnut. At the outset, a gentle wake-up call: a citrus-floral-spice blend of bergamot, lily of the valley, and pepper. I've tried holding it up to a light bulb, but still no luck.Top-notes usually aren’t as softspoken as these, but for sure your attention is riveted, and remains so as the coffee aroma begins percolating. I think I may have to try the refrigerator trick, but I hesitate because I don't know if it will affect the perfume.I Love New York for All is a little bit linear scent but in a good way. I can see the lily-of-the-valley complimenting the "powdery" feel in the mid and base but everything here is so well blended that it's hard to pick out individual notes as easily as you would with some other fragrances. an incredibly well made fragrance and one which does give value for money.Emotions -delicious,sweet,warm,intoxicated,seductive. I say this because it lasts extremely well on skin and even longer on clothes. As for occasions, I think this would probably do well in cooler weather/cooler seasons.

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