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Before you verify IP multicast operation, you should understand the following concept: •Guidelines for Verifying IP Multicast Operation in a PIM-SM and PIM-SSM Network Environment When you verify the operation of IP multicast in a PIM-SM network environment or in an PIM-SSM network environment, a useful approach is to begin the verification process on the last hop router, and then continue the verification process on the routers along the SPT until the first hop router has been reached.The goal of the verification is to ensure that IP multicast traffic is being routed properly through an IP multicast network.A blog post on the research and findings was published today.Sauvage and Petit's research, conducted during Q4 of 2016, included reverse engineering of the firmware, definition of the attack surface and code review and penetration testing of the exposed functions.•Use this command to confirm that the group-to-RP mappings are being populated correctly on the last hop router.Note The show ip pim rp mapping command does not work with routers in a PIM-SSM network because PIM-SSM does not use rendezvous points (RPs).

If all the PIM-enabled routers and access servers that you administer are members of a multicast group, pinging that group causes all routers to respond, which can be a useful administrative and debugging tool.Table 1 describes the common commands used to verify IP multicast operation on the last hop router in PIM-SM and PIM-SSM network environments.Displays the multicast groups with receivers that are directly connected to the router and that were learned through the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP).•Use this command to confirm that the IGMP cache is being properly populated on the last hop router for the groups that receivers on the LAN have joined.Displays all group-to-RP mappings of which the router is aware (either configured or learned from Auto-RP or BSR).

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•Use this command to display information about the multicast packet rate for active sources sending to groups on routers along the SPT.

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